GFCI required locations chart

I recently noticed my link to the GFCI required locations was non functional.

I was using the updated one by Jerry Peck. I believe it included the additional areas like laundry (05)

Anyone have the PDF link of the chart?

I am not looking for the web link version it is the PDF one I am requesting.

There was another one I found but it is copyrighted and I guess I would need to contact the creator.


Here you go

Thanks, that is the one I had but my link went dead.

Thanks for that link.

You are welcome.

It’s a NACHI link so it should be stable but I save to my local computer anyway.

I picked up the link on my iPhone. I’ll bring it up on my laptop when I get home and save it there. Thanks.

It is not compatible in Canada Chris. GFCI was not required in the kitchen until 2002 within 3 feet of a sink.

Best not to confuse the issue with the NEC or ESA Ontario.

Why don’t one of you clever Canadians produce a chart for your fellow inspectors?

GFCI is now required in all Kitchen outlets.
Before someone is quick to correct me this is the new revised 2008.

Even for refrigerator and waste disposal?

I more wanted it for my own interest sake.

This is exactly what it says
All 15 A and 20 A, 125 V Receptacles installed in an area with a sink and permanent facilities for food preparation and cooking(Article 100), even those that do not supply the countertop surface shall be GFCI-protected.

I realize that. I just finished a 1500 sq ft complete build of an unfinished basement on a 5 yr old home. Complete with 4 pc bath, 20 amp, 12 gauge, GFCI.