I have a question . Any help would be appreciated. This has nothing to do with an inspection. I have this GFCI plug in the kitchen that would not reset, I checked to see if it has power and it does. So I figured the GFCI plug is no good so I replace it, and after the new one was installed the GFCI plug still does not work, now the kicker is when I remove the wires from the plug I have 120 volts and when I put the wires back on the plug it shows now power out the plug , so I remove the wires once again and I have power it is only when I hook up the wires on the GFCI plug no power again. I have tried 5 differenct gfci plugs what next any suggestions? Make no sense to me.

If you have a multimeter check the ground and neutral see if you’re getting voltage. Try a regular outlet…same result? Also out of curiosity check the continuity between the ground and neutral.

Are there any outlets down line? Have you put any new nails or screws in a wall?

No nails or anything like that, it has nothing down line its just this one gfci

Common and ground does have 120 volts, do you think its melted together somewhere?

Are you using the screw terminals or back stab connection?

With the info provided, a back stabbed lack of adequate connection would be my guess, too, Chris.

Are you sure that you’re using the correct terminals (LINE, HOT and NEUTRAL). Modern GFCI receptacles will not function if wired incorrectly.

Did you reset the GFI after connecting it?

Yes I have it connected right and all of the above.

So you remove the receptacle and you have 3 conductors, hot, neutral and EGC. You have 120 volts between the hot/neutral and hot/EGC? That would be normal. If you have a 120 volt supply and the device is wired correctly how is it possible that 5 different receptacles do not work?