GFCI's code changes history chart

Here is a chart someone posted last year.

Thanks fellas. That was quite quick on the draw! :smiley:

I had a realtor asking me this morning when the requirement changed from 6ft of sink to all countertop receptacles. I am thankful for this great resource :slight_smile:

There is a newer version that includes 2014

Here it is

While we’re at it, here’s the most current** AFCI** chart…

It wasn’t changed from / to. Either situation requires GFCI protection.

Under some earlier editions (before 2014 like the 2008, 2011 editions, maybe a few others) of the NEC receptacles within 6’ of the sink that did not serve the counter top did not require GFCI protection.

Aha. Thanks for the correction. It’s been part of my state SOP so I always treated it as a standard. I know it’s in the 2014.

Thank you.

It’s interesting that the charts do not mention crawlspaces

Second or third column (whichever chart you are looking at) from the right.


Wow. Pretty sweet to dig up a 9 yr old thread.


Here is one through 2014. I use it all the time.


OK, what about whirlpool Tubs?

whirlpool is a brand name
i think what you’re referring to is called hydrotherapy tubs 1987
if you need the most current chart email me on my website

aka. Hydro-Massage Tubs

**Hydro Massage Tubs & Products | Hydrotherapy Spa Baths **

Now, where the h e l l’s that ‘footer’?!?

bottom of all report pages ;~))