GFCIs in the garage

So, when we find the outlets in a garage are not GFCI-protected, we write it up as a safety issue.

But I’ve always wondered, what is the safety issue that is inherent in the garage?*

Requiring GFCIs in proximity to sinks, tubs, etc. is obvious due to the increased shock hazard of water.

It hasn’t happened yet, but one day a client is going to ask me *, and I really don’t know why.


Any unfinished area with a concrete slab is also required to also have GFCI protection. This includes the current standard for the Garage door operator receptacle. There can be quite a bit of moisture content that can wick through the concrete since it is actually porous.


Also people tend to plug in extension cords in the garage and use them outdoors in potentially damp or wet locations.

Washing the car, barefooted and decide to plug in the shop vac to do the interior…

Hope it was double insulated .

people do stupid things…

best answer!

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

LOL…and follow the NEMA link back to it’s roots…and you will I was the NEMA Rep who submitted that argument against the Virginia Building Code. Do not read the comments on the ECM page…click on the NEMA link in the actual article…lol

AND FYI-----And the attempt to remove GFCI protection in Garages was defeated by Yours Truly…lol