Ghost Inspection

I get a call today from a buyer wanting a inspection on a 1933 triplex. Started out like most do, how much $ what do you inspect, how long does it take ? The client lived in the building many years ago for several years. Now the good part, when she lived there she swears there is a ghost or two as strange things went on all the time, lights turning on by them self doors locking and then unlocking. Her next question was do you inspect for ghosts ? My answer, well of coarse but I will need to charge extra so let me get back to you. The client is serious and a Teacher in the local high school. So question is what should I charge ??

Should this person be allowed to teach?

I did one, to prove there was no ghosts to an elderly lady. Seriously. She swore someone was using her water and living in her attic. I charged her by the hour.

The property is a REO no disclosures. A neighbor said at least four people have died there

Tell her you’ll need to bring your special camera.

Just read about Harry Houdini.
He made a career debunking gypsies and mediums.

They used to put rulers up the sleeves to raise tables.

100 Bucks scan it with the Thermal and emf Meter

I just have to ask… when you do find evidence of paranormal activity in the home, how are you going to report it, and who are you going to recommend to her “Who to call”??? :wink:

The Ghost Busters of course . :mrgreen:

id put them in a water sampler test kit bottle and take them with me. nothing a little baking soda and vinegar trick wouldn’t take care of

If you’re doing something to reassure someone, that alone may be worth it so don’t think you aren’t providing a real service. While you’re in there, feel free to inspect some other things and only charge her your normal price for those basic inspections. :slight_smile:

good grief

Maybe we’re missing the boat on another ancillary inspection here. Home Inspections by day, Paranormal Inspections by night. Seperate web sites and tools, like Holy Water and Ouija Boards, but everything else can overlap (strange sounds, doors opening on their own, cold zones, etc.) I bet there’s enough nut jobs out there it make it worth the time… :twisted:

Don’t forget your proton pack. And if you see Slimer, say hi for me.

Hmmm. She lived there… swears the presence of ghosts and now wants to buy it. I think I’d inspect the structure and recommend her to hire a specialist for the ghosts…I’d be concerned about the phone calls later that the ghosts caused damage or who knows.

You could always sub it out, although there may be some travel charges? <-- I just googled this… I have NO idea. YMMV

Good timing as the client I just left was worried about the possibility in the home I was inspecting as there was a pattern in the old oak floor suggesting a body outline and she heard someone died there.
I may have taken a picture of the spot and will post when downloaded.

is there training anywhere for this?

Bob, are you sure that wasn’t a picture of me in the floor? I have heard this before.

I will let you decide.
There was a giant box in the attic and I was going to pop out to scare her but glad I did not as she would have had a heart attic.

I do get calls for Paranormal Inspections…

as I have inspected a few Buildings that were known for Paranormal activity…

General Wayne Inn most popular as it was hosted 2x’s on a popular TV Program … “Unsolved Mysteries”

There are many homes and properties
in this area that date to the Revolutionary War
alleged to be haunted by soldier ghosts…

I take each as they come…