Ghost Town.

For all intents and purposes, this MB has become a ghost town. Let’s hope that changes.

Yes, it has…interestingly, the vast majority of posts are now inspection related…what a bummer!

I noticed that! Heck, I had not been on the board but once or twice over the last 3 months and it went from lively spirited debates, inspection Q&A’s, to trying to win the weekly football contest, and everything one could think of to silence or a couple pissing contests. What the heck happened!:roll: Nobody renew? A lot less home Inspectors in business this year? Everybody forget their password to the board! GeeZ!

I think we have a lot of boycotters because of the moderation rules.

I tried to stir the pot a little but all that raised was Kenny’s blood pressure.

Its funny how some of them ARE the moderators …

Too much pot stirring…

We have dozens of local Nachi members who have never posted and some who have stopped posting long before the pissing contests started. Most of them are out doing inspections and do not have time for it. You would be amazed at how much work you can get done by simply cutting out time wasted sitting at the keyboard trading barbs.

And threats on vendors, and members getting kicked out at the spur of the moment and organization bashing and members that aren’t really members? and inspector(s) quitting, bashing and threatening Nachi, then mysteriously rejoining and… :twisted:

That’s pretty bad when Florida by far has the most members (824) and only about a dozen, who are some of the ones I respect the most, ever post here. Even during slow times.

Things are not really slow here. Im working every day and scheduled into next week. I think the reluctance to post has more to do with people who think they have to take over every thread to push their own agenda or ideas and for some time there was not a lot about home inspections and more about personal pet peeves and petty arguments that go on for weeks. Generally folks here spend time doing things with their families and friends because the weather permits and it is just more fun. There is always something going on locally to get you out of the house. They tend to enjoy life, and if they don’t like you, they just tell you and try to avoid you. If you persist in screwing with them, then they’ll just hurt you.

I can’t speak for South or Central Florida. It is like three different States here. I just know how things are along the Gulf Coast as I was raised down here only further to the West.

Don’t worry about Kenny…go ahead and make a fool of yourself. I just hope a lot of believers see your anti christian rants and deny you their business. Just the fact that you will drag Mother Teresa’s name through the mud, shows that you are clueless, as to what is good and pure. :roll:

Seems as if you are the clueless one in regards to Mother Teresa. However, keep on praying for my business’ demise (is that very Christian?). It’s not working, business is excellent.

No kevy, you disregard the Bible, even though there are millions of witness’s to God’s truth, but you will believe one atheist lie about Mother Teresa, a fine human being. I never said I was praying that you don’t get work, I said hope, a lot of difference. You don’t have any right judging me concerning being a good christian, you are totally ignorant about it.

See what I mean. Im outta here.

I thought hard about joining the Catholic and Mother Teresa bashing party in defense of it, but decided if bashing Catholics (such as myself) and especially a person (Mother Teresa) that has done more service and good for this world than most, is what some do to get their jollies, well then so be it! Besides, Ken you can put up a fight much better than I. Plus you add wit to it, which makes me read about half of the rants the atheists post just to get to your reply. In the years to come they will wonder why all of a sudden in their last dying days that they are getting warmer by the day as their last dying moments its suddenly very hot as if they are being dragged into a fire by some unknown unpeaceful source.:wink: Okay, I am ranting now and wondering if I even made sense. Out of debating and discussion practice I guess!:slight_smile:

The truth is Randy, I want to avoid answering these type of post altogether, but it hard when they drag someone like her through the mud. I wish they would keep it in the Not for everyone forum. I’m trying real hard. I tried to get this thread moved, but the Report forum would not let me report it. Sorry

Thanks for the chuckle Randy. :mrgreen:

The abortion thread is the hardest one in a while to avoid comment on! Like I said, I must be out of practice!:slight_smile: About moving the post/thread, I don’t even know where any of them go anymore???Out of touch!

Sorry Doug, I’m trying real hard, but pierce has always got to throw in a dig towards me. I would put him on ignore if I knew how.