I thought I would share an inspection today.

I received a call from a concerned woman about her mother that was hearing noises in the attic. Voices, steps and running water. She wanted to know if I would go through the attic looking for signs of people and use the infrared. Show her mother my findings and see if we could get her to give up this obsession. I took the job, by the hour.

After listening to the lady explain how she heard voices, the shower running and other water running, I started to look around. The lady sounded nuts but I was trying to help her and her daughter out. She would not believe anything anyone was telling her. We hoped pictures of the empty attic and the infrared images would convince her.

After showing her the images and wowing the both of them with infrared, she was not convinced. I was waiting for them to write the check. The A/C kicked on and it sounded just like water running in the shower from where I stood. When I mentioned that the same noise could also a hose running outside, she mentioned that maybe the kids that run through her yard could be using the hose. I told her that she could be hearing voices through the soffits also.

The daughter quickly increased my fee. I told them to lock the hose bibs, change/seal the A/C filter.

I think they will both sleep better tonight.

You are the man! Great story!

You should put that on your Web-site… and offer it as an ad-on $ 200 per hr…

Good Job…