Gifted Artist....simply amazing

Hey Guys,

Have you heard this guy…I simply LOVE his style and his music. You can simply feel his passion for what he does.

I thought maybe some of you would like to hear it.

Way cool.

I always like it when people develop new techniques and thet actially work.

Thanks Paul. I will probably pick up on of his records. I like acoustic guitar.


Yep…I got all his YouTube video’s saved…man YouTube is addictive…:slight_smile:

Very impressive! He played that guitar like a piccolo, including doing the percussion section. Thanks. I too like and listen to acoustic guitar quite a bit.

The first time I seen this “two hand touch” style of playing was back in the 80’s. A young fella by the name of Stanley Jordan was on Austin City Limits. At that time he was playing two guitars at the same time.

I found him on You Tube check it out.

You know Larry…I remember that guy now…another GIFTED person…amazing !

Paul, I have been listing to more of his videos. This Andy McKee is awesome.

Oh yeah…did you listen to THIS one…amazing

Rodrigo y Gabriela aren’t too shabby on acoustic guitars either…
clickherebutton.gif]( and pick a player and speed.

Some very impressive musicians! Thanks for sharing Paul and Larry!

Your right, not to shabby at all.

I have played guitar for years, but have never taken it to the level that these musicians have.

I did have a nephew that played guitar for David Lee Roth back in 1999. His name is Mike Hartman. He passed away in 2000 from Cystic Fibroses. He met David through Steve Vi. He met Steve Vi through the Wish program. It is really quite a story.

Wow, that is quite a story. Sounds like he lived life to the fullest while he could.

Wow Larry,

Your nephew was absolutely an awsome guitarist. I have his Black Glue on CD & I have about worn it out & need to get another.

One of my favorites is “A Song for Jeanie”.

I need to get Andy Mckees CD, I love the acoustic guitars.

Before he died I was fortunate enough to meet and see Michael Hedges at numerous venues.

His guitar work is awesome and I’d bet McKee tapped his spirit and style.

If you enjoy McKee you’ll really enjoy Hedges.

Amazon has almost everything he put out:

What do you know he’s on utube:

What a terrific string this is, thanks guys,

Talk about a small world.

Yes thats a pretty song, Jeanie was his wife. If you look inside the cover at the thank you notes you will see Larry & Chris Clark. We used to help them out when the were living in Hollywood. Jeanie broke her leg in a car accident and couldn’t work, it got pretty tough for them for a while.

Wow,Larry, I read the reviews on UTube, and saw where several people mention your nephew. Amazing.

I’m going to be buying this CD. My son can listen to things and play them after hearing them once. I’m going to see if this inspires him. :slight_smile:

You can still buy it on Amazon and listen to some clips from the CD.