Gilian Gilibrator system for calibrating

Up for sale is a complete Gilibrator system. Comes with low, standard, and high cc flow cells. All 3 are out of calibration, but comes with instructions and power cable.

This set in the newer version sells for over $2000.00 for all 3 cells

Yours for $800.00 :smiley:

when was the unit last calibrated?

All 3 are different. The largest one was due in Nov 2010 the middle in 2002 and the small one in 2007

Its obviously a few years old but seems to be functioning.

If not recently calibrated…
how can you definitively suggest functioning?

Functioning in relation too… ???

Mabe you should read upon how this unit functions. Since you seem to know how it works then maybe you should enlighten us Joe?

Thanks for jacking my thread. Why do you care, I obviously stated its in need of calibration.

you posted the value of a new unit
what is the value of an older, uncalibrated unit?

This is not Craigslist…
This is NACHI…

Why do you care!
Its worth whatever someone wants to give me for it. If you want it great, make me an offer. If not STFU and mind your own business.

and your point…

I hold a higher level of care to NACHI Members
than Craigslist Members…
Maybe I wrong…

Inspection Classifieds](
The classifieds section is a place where inspectors can** post anything they have for sale**. Items need not be inspection related**.** Please try to keep replies to questions about the particular item for sale.*

Here is how you should handle this.

Delete any references that you have made concerning the calibration of this equipment in this advertisement.

When you send this to the purchaser, under “Calibration” simply record “Not inspected” and you will be covered.

:smiley: Thanks Jim

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: