girder picture

Lets see who can properly diagnose this one…

april 29 2008 008.jpg

april 29 2008 008.jpg

Hey Bruce, post a bigger pic. Is that a deeper I joist adjacent to the brick, or is that dimensional lumber? Are the bricks below grade?

Is that a piece of landsdcape timber?

Regular treated lumber mud sill plate, no I-joist at rim area.
Bricks are above grade. Already deleted the larger pic.

No termite shields
Notch is larger then 1/4 of the material
and what’s with the wood shim?

From what I can tell, the foundation strap looks like it’s nailed to the brick wall. Send my prize to the address listed below. :slight_smile:

No termite shields required around here, treated lumber sill and large treated shim. This type of shim or isolater between the masonry and regular lumber girder is normal construction here.

The strap is embedded in mortar, not exactly correct, but its there, no nail, just a hole there.

A notch in that top area is limited to 1/6 of the depth but its not a problem.

Anyone know why the large notch is not an issue here?

Because the support extends past the notch.

yep, a metal shim under the girder, barely visible, is in a position that provides support before the notch becomes an issue.