Give a proud Father a minute

My Daughter, Elizabeth, who is in her senior year at the U.S. Naval Academy, helped to develop and impliment a community outreach program for local area pre-schoolers, to teach them the basic principles of engineering using legos, of all things.

The program was recently honored. Here is the newspaper article with here picture.

Kids these days. Go figure :mrgreen:


And so you should be proud Will, what a great girl you have there!

Cool, good for her…


AND, as shown, she is great with kids, teaching them and loving them (in the good way, not like certain college coaches).

She will do well in the Surface Warfare community (which she chose and was approved for). Certain naval enlisted, often, act just like pre-K children.

Solid proof of G-d’s work. He saved her from my bad influences.

Very nice Will!

Will, that’s great!
If I were you I’d take all the credit! =)

Thanks for sharing

Awesome Will. Very cool concept and a great article.

Nice…, gotta be proud of her.
Hey Will, I liked reading that blog you posted recently with the agent talking about the HI industry. Well written buddy, thanks for standing up for us HI’s.

Congrats to both you and her.

Can’t. I didn’t do it. But I sure prayed a whole heck of alot!


I believe that all HIs should work and act as professionals. In doing so. we will overcome the problems that exist between some agents and some inspectors in some areas.

If you live it, act it and believe it, it is surprising what will change.

Where is it written that real estate agents have ANYTHING to do with home inspectors? Why do people and state legislatures believe that agents (Specifically, the National Association of Realtors) has any authority over HIs or our profession?

Also, why to some HIs get the deluded mind set that they have to cow-tow to agents? Why do HIs go to realtors looking for referrals? Sure, we can help to educate them (and they REALLY need teaching) about what an inspection is, the role of HIs vs. agents and why various defects are problems, but why should we have to pay them to teach them?

All HIs should take the position that we are a completely seperate and distinct profession and have NOTHING to do with preparing disclosures and getting contracts of sale signed. We actually WORK and risk our lives (crawling attics and crawlspaces, going up on roofs, mold sampling, dealing with racoons in attics and snakes in crawls, etc) and take on a WHOLE LOT of liability doing so, but we average 1/2 of 1% of the sale price vs. their 3 - 6% commissions for just making phone calls, doing paper work and sitting around, complaining, during inspections.

Get this mindset and live it. Do not look down on them or become arrogant, just make sure that they stay in their area of expertise and that you stay in yours.

Hope this helps;

Well said!!

you deserve the proud Papa moniker. Congrats on having a great daughter.