Give me a dollar for every time Obama says . . .

. . . investment or civility in SOTU.

And you’ll be broke.

As always, with Obama it is important watch what he does, NOT what he says.

You would think even the sheep would have figured that out by now. :frowning:

I am sure you guys will come back and let us know what Fox News and Glenn Beck tells you to think of the speech later on.

I think they were all given their points of view before the speech…as usual. Why bother with facts? :wink:

The facts will come out during the speech.

I’ll tell you what I think now.

He wants to spend more. Same old same old.

Nothing new here.

Move along.

More “investment” in education.

More “clean energy”

More "high speed Internet.

I mean really nothing new.

I haven’t herd ANYTHING new yet.

Investment 7
Civility 0

Your dislike is showing. :roll:

There is nothing I like about this president or his policies.

He has not said a single thing that will get us out of the mess we are in.

He’s in campaign speech mode.

Watch what he does next.

His budget proposal will make it clear.

That’s ok Mike, you only have 6 more years to learn to like it. :mrgreen:

Since when do you like new ideas?
That would be new.

I see the sheep are happy again.:roll:

I was busy with clients for tomorrows inspections.
Think I forgot what two in a day is like after the last month.
Will watch highlights as the Reub response with that you phony guy talking made my stomach sick.
I could not stand the plastered half smirk.
Reminded my of all the college guys I met with ways to open a scam business to avoid real work.

I tried watching FOX news after both speeches and it was so awful. The people in Atlanta they talked to were so close minded it was scary. I usually try to listen to both sides but the interviews and questions were so unprofessional and contorted that I couldn’t take more then 10 minutes of it as I felt my brain cells started to die the more I listened to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Government is out of control when they are all so full of it on both sides.

That’s exactly how I felt during Obama’s speech and I watched the whole thing.

It was not his best effort.

Maybe he is tired of being president.

Maybe he is tired of being president.

Ever been a president in a club or some other organization…

tuff to get anything done when the status quo begins the backbiting and innuendos.

I guess he isn’t up to the job in your opinion then. I think so too.

I imagine about now he just wishes he was back in the Senate, voting “present” on everything, able to smoke cigarettes with impunity and not have to hide out in the rose garden to sneak a smoke. Go anywhere he wanted to without having the Secret Service up his butt 24/7, had Michelle in a cushy job where she is not required to actually show up much less do anything for the $300K she was dragging down. Good example of being careful what you wish for. Sometimes that greener grass on the other side is really astroturf and not grass at all. I heard it said recently by a WH insider that he liked being President, he just didn’t like being the President. All those annoying decisions, you know…

And it’s doubly difficult when you’re completely unqualified for the job in the first place.

Have you seen the weather report? It is snowing heavily in Washington DC right now–started about 9:00pm last night.