Give the ground wire a tug

On yesterdays inspection, the ground wire to the buried rod wasn’t visible (snow and earth covered). Gave it a tug and came right out of the ground.

So you broke it:p!

You can’t break what isn’t properly attached.:wink:

Be careful, you can light yourself up that way.

What the frick is that black thing on your hand or the white stuff on the ground???

Well, when your dealing with 8 degree weather and 15" snow, you’ll understand.

Report it that an electrician should attach it back to the ground rod with an acorn. Pain in a butt to do in the winter trying to dig up frozen ground to find the rod but it has to be done . The rods grounding conductor wire is only a supplement to the ground wire going to the water meter. Hopefully that one was connected. Rick

Nope, they connected it to the plumbing about 10’ from the box, when the meter is about another 30’ away.

That can be done only when the house is fed by well water and not by city water. If its fed by city water than the wire should of went to the water meter. Rick

Depending on the age of the house that was quite common. More recent codes have required the connection to be within 5’ of the water line entrance on a metallic piping system.