Give this code to your favorite REALTOR.

Hopefully my favorite realtor doesn’t need to use the “find an Inspector” website. If they do, then I’m in trouble and out of work. :wink:

Some agents won’t link to individual inspectors.

Anyway… Give them this instead… it will convert F.S.B.O.s into listings for them. Every REALTOR I’ve ever given this free downloadable book link to loved it.

I have been sending them this Nick.:smiley:

Find the Inspector

But why would you be sending that one to the Agents,
Doesn’t Link to MY WEBSITE, :wink: for Colorado Inspectors…

Oh wait your NOT in Colorado, Now I get it, :wink:

You’ve cracked me up twice today Brian. :smiley:

Thanks… I needed it!

Nice web site Brian!!