Given 2 hr to inspect.

Does anyone have a disclaimer for when the listing agent is only giving me 2 hrs to inspect a house with a crawlspace? Seller is taking multiple offers the home.

The home is contingent upon independent inspection. The agent, by putting an hourly time limit on the inspection, is hindering the independent inspection.

I don’t think you’ll find a disclaimer that will legally or financially protect you if you rush through the inspection, to satisfy the listing agent, and miss something.

If they insisted on a limited time frame I’d pass. But that’s just me.

Be sure to have all panels open at the two hour mark.

Do you know how to state the facts and write it on paper?

Make lemonade when given a lemon. Just do your regular inspection (save the crawlspace for last). When she makes you stop at two hours- stop. Put in your report that the agent made you stop the inspection prior to completion. Disclaim all unfinished areas (including crawlspace). Get paid and advise your client of the situation and your return trip fees. Also advise your client to review the terms of the sales contract. IF the realtor or seller is in breach of the inspection clause in the contract , advise your client to call the listing agent’s broker . These situations usually then get resolved to you and your client’s satisfaction.

Demand that the two hour limitation be provided in writing and make a copy of it an addendum to your report.

Amend your agreement to reflect that, at the request of the client, you are providing an abbreviated home inspection that will include ONLY those defects that you were able to identify within the imposed two-hour time limitation, with the full understanding by all parties that the report will not include identification of any material defects that were not observed within the imposed time limit. Reduce your regular home inspection fee by $25, further demonstrating that the homebuyer did not request or pay for a complete home inspection.

Be prepared for the homebuyer to abandon the request and remove the time limitation when they see what they have actually asked you to provide.

Zackly…good advice.

Thanks guys, working on this now.

LOl i had one last week , The owner came in and said 1 hour , Sold as is . Anyway told him 2 hours at the best . Hoarder , windows rotted , water damage , foundation issues . went through took many pictures , wrote it up latter . Flipper buying the home . I was testing the ac , Owner shut it down said he was paying the bills . LOL Ok so unit didn’t produce cooling at the time of the inspection . Was 25 years old anyway . Oh did i mention soiled underwear under every sink . Nice place . lolol