Giving or Greedy?

The Ultimate Wealthy, Are They Giving or Greedy?

In order to gain ultimate wealth in your business, whether it is an  online home business or a brick and mortar business do you need to be  giving or greedy? 80% of the population would say, the only way the rich  become ultimately wealthy is by being greedy. 20% would say, you have  to be giving.

If you are using greed to become successful in your business, you may gain short time wealth, but not long term. In the long run if you continue to be greedy, by charging outrageous prices to your customers, you will soon become one of the statistics.
Statistics Say
Statistics say that most business will fail within five years. Customers are only going to pay high prices once, and that is only if something is new. Once your competition sells the same product for cheaper, there goes your customers.
There have been many companies rise and fall, and some small companies taken over by big companies. Do you realize some of the big companies did not even exist twenty five years ago, like Dell, Apple and Microsoft. Each year new companies appear and others disappear.
In fact there have been around two thousand Fortune 500 companies go under. That is almost 70% of the Fortune 500 companies, the most successful and largest companies in America, that have either gone bankrupt, closed down or simply were acquired by other companies.
Sure most of these big companies have been the first to come out with a certain new product, and people buy because it is new. But what happens when another company beats their price? That’s right, people will buy from the cheaper company. That is, unless the first company they buy from is giving.
Be Giving
Now days, not only do you have to have the latest and greatest product at a good price, you have to give to. People want extra goodies when they buy, especially a high end product. They want guarantees, warranties, free upgrades, customer support, and any thing else that they can get for free.
People are real tight with their money, especially with the economy the way it is, and they want the most for their money they can get. Even if the product they want cost less from one company than another, they will still weigh out the extra freebies that come with it. One of the biggest freebie a customer is looking for today, is customer support.
People do not want to buy an I-phone or and I-pad, just to take it home and not know how to use it. They want to be able to go back to the store and get help, or call someone on the phone for help. This is where giving takes over being greedy in a successful business.
Give Value
If you want your business to become ultimately wealthy, whether it is an online home business, or a brick and mortar business you have to give. You have to continually improve your offer to make it more attractive and desirable than you competition.
When a person is looking to purchase a product, they need to know just where and with who, it is best to spend their hard earned money. A person must get more value and benefit out of the product or service that they are purchasing, more than they value the money they are going to spend.
In order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself and your company to start with. Then you have to have stay focused and have persistence in order to get over all the obstacles that come with having an online home business or a brick and mortar business.
A person has to be honest and have integrity in order to get customers and keep them. You have to be willing to give, and give because you want to, not because you have to. Remember the saying, The more you give, the more get!
Think of how great you feel when someone just gives you something because they want to. Start implementing this in your business and not only will you become ultimately wealthy, but you will also have a business that will succeed throughout time.

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