GL & E&O insurace

Can someone tell me what are the insurance requirements again as far as GL and E&O
not able to find it again. Also do you guys just go with the recommended amount
or have you changed it up, higher amounts etc… Also thought I saw something about
required deductibles, is that a max? or a min? and what was that amount?
Thanks in advance.

New Jersey requires $500,000 E&O minimum but no GL.

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As Stephen indicated, your state may have minimums of each, one or none.

For me it boiled down to what I personally had to lose that helped make my decisions for insurance. The difference was not that much. Cover your self. IMHO.

Edit: In my town, we had a boy get electrocuted swimming in a Lake Michigan bay marina because the electric was not done correctly, as I recall. That was not cheap.

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