Glad I did not get this Inspection

:DI have a feeling it would have had moisture issues. ;):slight_smile:

Cute :slight_smile:

Smart advertising also.

Now we need scuba gear… What next…lol


Like this place

but what a great view…

After reviewing this photo I am a little confused as why the guys in the trucks did not do tailgating from there???

That would have been awesome!!!

Erik you doing my territoty now.
Been there many times.That’s Marina City and hope you never do an inspectio9n there as many of the units are dumps.
Strange curved walls,hot water heaters in the tiny kitchen cabinets and rusted cast iron guardrails on those balconies.
Place is old now but a landmark.
Featured in The Bounty Hunter with Steve McQueen before he died.

The river used to be fun but not many places to land anymore.

No shortage in Chicago right now.
Boom period.

Always been one of my favorite buildings (to look at), park da boat in da basement, den da truck over da boat, keep da old lady on da top floor.

With a hangar they would be perfect.

Listening to the parking attendants screaming other people’s tires up the ramps is also amusing, reminding me of Ferris Buehler movie.