Glad that is over with

**Haven’t received the license in the mail yet but this is the data from DBPR web site. **
Current, Active—Licensure date 7/13/10—Expires 7/01/2012—License number 6

Change your dates. You show your license expiring before you ever got it.

does not look that way to me.

he changed the expiration to 2012. It was orgionally 2010.

You are correct


Did you submit your application using the proctored test as your qualifying means. If so, what did you give the State as proof of taking the proctored exam. I gave them the “Examination for Certification Membership Florida InterNACHI” that i received with Zoe’s signature, but they did not accept it. It might be because it was not signed by me, but I wanted to make sure that there is not some other format or document that i should have submitted. Did you sign the Membership Certificate?

When we submitted ours, it was with the certificate for the National Home Inspectors exam and they took it with no problems.

We received license #3 and it was not any problem.

**I submitted the 120 reports along with copies of everything that the stature said was necessary. GL coverage—HS diploma—etc. **

Nick is contacting the DBPR to sort this out.
But - yes - you had to sign and Date it.

OH &^&^*& I don’t know if I signed mine!!

I was rejected because of proof of exam also I sent in my grade exam and called them they said they have it and going to see what happen.