Glad to be back

I am glad to be back doing home inspections again, I left the field for a couple of month but it seems to have brought me back. No other association compares to InterNACHI.

I am continuing to build my business back up and learn new things everyday. Missed being on the forum.:smiley:

Shawn S.

Welcome back Shawn.

Good for you welcome Home … Roy

Glad to be home, Thanks Nick and Roy!!

Welcome back. Was wondering what happened to you.

Ditto that… It’s funny I was just thinking about you this morning too. Welcome back!

Thought I was changing career paths a few months back, I started doing commercial insurance inspections and start getting calls for home inspections after I stop doing them. Now my phone has been ringing off the hooks for the past month and business is doing great. I am now in the process of recreating a new website as I lost my old domain name.

Guess you can’t take the inspector out of the field.

Really enjoy doing inspections.

Go Shawn go!! :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

I really hope for Shawn’s sake you were out of bed already! :shock:

I knew you were going to comment on that!!:wink: just for the record I was researching a subject in old posts and noticed a post from Shawn and it said he was an unregistered user.

LOL… is that what you call it… an “old post”? LOL!!! :wink:


Glad to see your back. :p:p And busy.

Sucker! :cool:

Didn’t I tell you so? Say yes!

Sometimes a little break is a good thing.

Are U back for good BK we missed U:D

Yes, they have to kick me out:mrgreen:

Yes you did!!