glass block coverage in florida .

AT the florida home inspectors january chapter meeting, in west palm beach, i was told glass block did not need to be covered outside the hvhz. I gave a women the credits because she had everything else covered. The underwriter took her credits.What is the rule, and where can i find it so i can explain to my client. She lives in west Palm outside the hvhz zone.Can someone help.

According to the new form glass block has to be protected. No where on the form does it differentiate the HVWZ from the other regions.

I would write a note on the form…“per the FBC, glass block is not required to be protected outside the HVHZ”

Another reason why annotating exterior photographs is a good idea so the individual on the back end knows exactly what they are looking at and why you made the selections you did. You cannot assume anything as you do not know the level of knowledge of the person reading your final inspection.

The Bill York class I just took this month, suggested we place an X-NR on the chart by "Letter X (No Windborne Debris Protection). NR=Not Required. But it was merely a suggestion. Again, this was only a suggestion and should only be used outside the HVHZ.


Here is a link to some impact rated glass block that is approved for use in the HVHZ…


I have seen that stuff broken. not impact rated breaks. remember who signs the form. yor or some guy with an opinion. opinions are like what? here is a hint… we all have them.

David I sent you an email. Mark it in the chart as not covered and outside HVHZ as not required.