Glass Doorknobs

Just wondering if you call them out as hazardous?

The glass can break and cut you pretty good.

Worth mentioning or not.
I seem to recall they are not made anymore for that reason.

I’m thinking they are not made anymore Bob because of the cost, but that’s just an opinion…I would not call one out as a safety item…

I do not think that would be cost as glass is cheap.
Back in the eighties (damn I am getting old)I had a group of buildings where the things would crack off and I was told I could only get plastic replacements for safety reasons.

Still I would like to know for sure.

interesting point and yes …you are getting old…

No, unless it was defective.

I would not mention them unless they were damaged.

Makes sense.
I asked him if he had kids.
Also remember them breaking off and leaving sharp edges.

I tell them that if they are going to replace them, sell them on eBay or over at Antique Row in San Diego. Lots of demand for them.

Reproduction of the glass hardware is still sold.

I would not call them out unless they are not functional or broken. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys.
I will not push it on anyone unless I see fractures in the glass.
I still have memories of getting cut though.