Glitch Bill is in! 3 ways to get a Florida Home Inspectors License.

There appears to be 3 ways to get a license:

Do 120 hours of inspection education (conventional path to licensing).


… get granfathered by March 1, 2011 (note, that is 2011, not 2010):

 Applicants for grandfathering must either...

  ... be certified by a national home inspection association that requires a proctored exam PLUS compete 14 hours of education on home inspection.


  ... submit 120 inspection reports (to establish 3 years in the business) PLUS 14 hours of education.

Excellent Bill IMHO. :smiley:

is this Senate bill 1330 ? I have not had time to pull them up yet, But it sounds like there are 3 glitch bills in progress as we speak, 1 not addressing the "performing work on the home after closing " portion of the bill.
Gerry Beumont spoke at the West Central Florida chapter meeting Sat about this concern and it sounds like we need to make sure that bill is prevented from being acted on.
I am pulling up all 3 bills this evening to get …the rest of the story.

Interesting. I had to take the proctored exam prior to getting my county license. Figures.

Great. Thanks! According to the info I have, if you have 14 hours of education (all InterNACHI members have that) and 120 inspections by March of 2011 (nearly all InterNACHI members will have that)… you are grandfathered.

Greed is powerful.

There is an option in the Missouri Bill…80 hours of education or 100 mentored inspections. With the ability to charge new inspectors $100 per inspection to ride along…do you think the board will be likely to approve a free on-line alternative to compete with it?

The “mentored” thing is a big problem everywhere it is tried Jim. Fight it in MO. It isn’t in the FL legislation, thankfully.

Here is Senate bill 0648. It looks llike it is scheduled to go before DBPR on 02/02/10

Check out lines 250-274…allows work to be performed after closing. If this stays as is we will not need a license because GCs will have the market!

Check out lines 343-352…looks great for grandfather clause…except we won’t have anything to inspect…again GCs will have the market because of lines 250-274 !!

Oppps…Heres the bill

I agree. We all need to contact our representatives and ask that they include language to prohibit repairs on the homes that are inspected.

What a piece of crap. Did any Florida inspectors actually try to fight this bill or did you all bend over.:smiley:

Here is the glitch bill…SB 1330 which I think Nick is looking at.

In lines 653 - 669 it strikes out the " perform repairs after closing clause "

In lines 715 - 733 the Grandfather clause sounds like the one Nick is talking about.

Again, SB 648 needs to go away or we will all be working for GCs.

SB 1330 is too large too upload. I’ll chop off what does not apply and try again.

OK …here is SB1330

While SB1330 and it’s twin in the House (HB0713) appear to be honest attempts to correct some issues with the previously passed legislation everyone should also be aware that another previously filled glitch bill also exists for Sen Bennett SB0648 which is less than kind to us. I understand that this bill goes before the regulated industries committee in the next week or so.

Here is that amendment:

Thanks Nick and Ed

NICK: So for grandfathering there are three paths. One of them is: that if you have been in business for more than 3 years as a home inspector and have completed 14 hours of home inspection education by a certified home inspection association (InterNACHI) and submit 120 home inspection reports you are grandfathered.??? Yes???:roll:

How will you submit the 120 inspection reports?? ADOBE files???:roll:

I don’t know, because they aren’t taking applications yet, but I’m going to assume that you will NOT have to send in the entire report, just the client’s name and address of the property inspected. I get this impression because of the line immediately following:

It is also interesting to note the the 3-year experience requirement is NOT 3 calendar years but rather defined as 120 inspections:

This means that an inspector who went into business 5 years ago would not qualify if he only performed 100 inspections… but an inspector who goes into business next week would qualify for grandfathering if he performs 120 inspections by March 1, 2011.

This seems logical as ones’ experience should be based on inspecting time, not calendar time in business.

What about the concerns of SB 0648.
If this bill gets thru rather than SB 1330 the " repair work after closing" will stay in the bill.!!
Screw grandfathering for now…Every legislator in the state should be made aware that SB 0648 will do harm to the consumers of Florida by creating a law with an obvious monetary conflict of interest.
An inspector will be licensed by the state to inspect a home and more defects he finds the more he will be able to add to his repair after closing.
The temptation is there day in and day out even for the most honest of contractors.

I attended all 4 Stakeholder meetings (the only person besides state employees that attended all 4).

We explained at each meeting that inspectors should not be permitted to do repair work. The legislators are well aware of the issue.