Glitch Bill is in! 3 ways to get a Florida Home Inspectors License.

No, you should wait until they begin accepting applications.

I’m meeting with Charlie Crist on February 15th. I’ll know more then.

When do the glitch bills get voted on? So far until they do this is just a lot of goin nowhere.

Nick -

Do we know if this a definite go with the licensing. We are currently getting hammered by a lot of companies that are doing inspections for significantly less and they are causing trouble with realtors.

If we could cull the heard and get only real inspectors doing the job, that would be great.

Thanks for all your help in getting this to a reality.

Nick how did your meeting with Christ go today? Any news?


Since he hasn’t responded I will tell you Nick got a wonderful photo. I expected no more…or less.

LOL Brian. You are probably right…

Please provide feedback regarding your meeting with the Governor.
Nice picture by the way. The three amigos. regards!:wink:

Thanks Nick.

An association founder and a Governor walk into a bar and…:slight_smile:

Does anybody have an idea when these glitch bills will be voted on or in?

The original law becomes effective July 1, 2010, I am told some aspects of the “passed law” become effective whether the DBPR issues licenses or not.
I would assume everything will be done well before July.

The DPBR has “no statutory authority” to approve exams, courses, licenses, etc. until July 1st although they are working on these items now.

Any tweaking to bill 1330 will be done w/in 60 days from March 2nd.

The best contact at the DBPR is Richard Morrison at 850.922.6020 or

There is a mailing list/ newsletter update that we can sign up for.

I’ll be happy to forward his last info to me. Use subject line “RM”.
I am at

Is there without a doubt going to be a license for home inspectors or do some people still have to vote? Please forgive me if the answer is obvious I do not know to much about the procedures.

The legislative session began yesterday. The Department has no appropriations until July 1, 2010 and does not have statutory authority to do much until then.

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Here is Senate bill 0648. It looks llike it is scheduled to go before DBPR on 02/02/10

Check out lines 250-274…allows work to be performed after closing. If this stays as is we will not need a license because GCs will have the market!

(f) Perform or offer to perform, , , any repairs to a home on which the inspector or
161 the inspector’s company has prepared a home inspection report.
162 This paragraph does not apply to a home warranty company that is
163 affiliated with or retains a home inspector to perform repairs
164 pursuant to a claim made under a home warranty contract;

prior to closing, for any additional fee, has been struck out…(for some reason when you copy that portion from the Senate web site over to the message board the strick out lines do not copy over)

[/FONT]I think this is pretty clear. No more " Free Inspection" if the contractor does the work.

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**Prior to closing **is the catch.
A good example :

" One Source Home Inspection Construction and Remodeling Inc."
Super deal of the day - All inspections 99.00 any size home!

Of course the company website will highlite not only inspections but photos of all the great remodel and repair projects completed.
Realtors will love these companies because they can unofficially tell there buyers " these guys can give you cost estimates as part of the home inspection but are not allowed to give you an actual contractors repair estimate until after closing."

Zoe, Are you sure that you are looking at the latest amemdments for the bill. If I am not mistaken, that language has been changed to prohibit ANY repairs on homes that the home inspector inspects. When tracking the bills, be sure to look at the latest version and any amendments that have been made as the bills move through the various committees. Steve Taylor Taylor Inspection Services, Inc. 904-206-0270

Steve is correct.

Correct. The mini-Minneapolis, for-profit association was defeated again.

Please explain in layman’s terms what is going on.