Glitch Bill is in! 3 ways to get a Florida Home Inspectors License.

Why does that not suprise me.
I see he’s a contractor? Mmmmmmmmm

04/07/10 SENATE CS by Community Affairs; YEAS 10 NAYS 0
Anyone know whats next?

The bill has two more stops to make. An amendment has been written to put the language back in the bill. The WCEs and the insurance industry lobby are working hard to prevent that language from being put back in the bill. I would suggest that everyone who believes that we should be included in the list of approved inspectors that can complete wind mitigation inspections as noted in FS 627.711 should be calling, emailing, and personally visiting Senator Bennett’s office and respectfully ask him to put the language back in the bill and to do the right thing and stand up to the special interests.

All, HB-713 just passed through its last committee stop with a favorable vote. Representative Workman changed language in the bill to allow contractors who are also home inspectors to offer repairs on homes that they inspect. As you know, this is a direct violation of all professional inspector associations’ codes of ethics. This amendment by Rep. Workman effectively creates two sets of rules in the home inspector license- one set of rules for the professional home inspector that abides by industry standard code of ethics and another set of rules for the home inspector/contractor that does not abide by a code of ethics. This amendment will harm our profession and will surely harm the consumer that the law was allegely designed to protect. This amendment will legally sanction contractor/home inspectors to offer loss leader home inspections and then make up the fee on the back end with repair work. This will surely harm professional inspection firms that abide by industry standard ethics principles.

None of them are NACHI members right ! Right

I really wonder if this will be a problem, we have many contractor/home inspectors doing repairs such as new roofs, pool cages, radon mitigation etc and they charge the same as the other local home inspectors. Some are NACHI members and some are not but most belong to a national home inspector assoc. I agree it is unethical, but it has been going on for years here in SW FL.

Guess we will find out.

It may in fact be going on now. The difference being that this provision in Rep. Workmans’ bill HB 713 will legally sanction that activity when all professional inspector associations as well as most all other states that have home inspectors licensing laws specifically prohibit repairs by inspectors on the same home that they inspect due to the obvious potential for a conflict. If these contractor/inspectors you speak of are members of NACHI or any other professional association and are offering repairs on homes that they inspect, then they are violating ethics standards that they have agreed to abide by and should be reported to their respective associations.

Seems like that should be done; but I’ll let the NACHI inspectors in Bonita Springs and Naples do that. I’ve got no skin in the game as they say. :slight_smile:

Fantastic!!! Great news!!! Thanks for the update.