Gm ABS recall

looking for individuals who have had their GM truck or SUV -ABS system repaired under their recall & several thousand miles later problem reoccurs

problem-- ABS system engages at low speed

their solution clean sensors, scrape rust, readjust

then crash and burn…:shock:

And yet another reason to buy FORD TRUCKS. :mrgreen:

I recall a few years back, Ford trucks had a “crash and burn” problem.

They (Ford) had a cruise control problem that would cause a fire. I have a Ford F150 SuperCrew and they at first told me mine did not have the problem due to where it was built. Apparently the flawed ones were from one or two factories. Later they decided to recall all of them. One old boy had his burn up sitting in the driveway with him not even in it. Having the brakes come on at low speed all by their lonesome isn’t good either. I like my Ford but I won’t be buying another one for a number of reasons.