Go Buckeyes

Ok go ahead let me hear it I know “What The Ohio State Buckeyes?” :shock: Yea that’s right go Buckeyes…

I have waited on this since last year when we got it handed to us…

That’s what I thought no one wants to touch this…:twisted:

That’s ok I will… buckeyes by 10 anyone else???

I will through in a fishing trip here in the keys for the one who guesses the total points and winner. no line on this one straight up…

OSU winner 54 total…

Guesses by kick off

ok i get it

i will watch the game now

that will be 7 on the board

Talking to yourself again Robert :mrgreen:

Sorry I missed the opening. Bucks by a bunch. Yeah, that was a fast 7


:smiley: some say I like to play pocket pool but the only thing is I don’t play any away games.


I would’ve took you up on this but my wife was going crazy with spider solataire on the laptop. I sure could’ve used a FREE fisihing trip this winter!!

You might have the total points correct, but the wrong winner…GO TIGERS!!