Go Green District 18, Nashville, Tennessee!

I was inspecting a house on Beachwood Ave., Nashville, TN last week and was rather impressed to see the number of “Go Green District 18” yard signs on the street, so I looked into the program.

Considering it is a “free program” (you pay $150 for a TVA auditor to assess your house and receive a $150 rebate if you make repairs), it’s a good place to start when trying to improve the performance of your 100 (+) year old historic home. However, the education and tools utilized by the auditor may significantly limit the effectiveness of the audit.

The historical era homes in Nashville Tennessee require a special kind of homeowner. They also require a special understanding of homes constructed during this era. Many modifications have been made using current industry standards that do not conform with these types of homes. These “after-construction” modifications often cause the greatest problems in building performance.

If you find a more complex analysis of building performance is required to improve the efficiency of your historical home, advanced technical resources are available to District 18.

For more information and examples on the most advanced technology available to District 18, preview the link at:


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