Gohst in the attic?

BOO! :mrgreen:

Whaddya think, mold or fire? :wink:

One rafter bay (end) and adjacent exterior wall were haunted. :slight_smile:

The white paint says “fire” to me.

or cover the “mold”

mold i have seen this before on a few other inspections, some remeadiators after cleaning the wood will spray on a paint to fight mold called " Killz" as a preventer of it coming back.

Rusty nails, roof deck board replacement (pic. 2), signs of roof leakage or high moisture content.

They didn’t spray enough…:shock::roll:

White can of spray paint. Pattern on the rafters give it away (picture 3). Covering up water stains or mold - I wager.

Now I agree… that’s a mold issue.