Going on Vaction heading to Nicks State

Well Saturday we are heading to the Denver area with our son he is stationed at Peterson . We haven’t had a Holiday for about 7 years so i guess it is about time . Look out Nick and group I May just drop by. lol But i do need a address for the Office .

Wayne, please have FUN & be safe!

Have a great trip Wayne!

I just stopped by and met Ben and Nick today in Boulder and got a tour and some extra literature what great down to earth group of guys!!!

Call me when you get here: 720 272 8578. I’ll take you and yours to lunch or dinner.

Are you coming out here to have some of the legal green stuff? :mrgreen:

LOL Not me , i am strange enough :wink:

Will do Nick

Be safe and have a great time Wayne.

Come meet all the InterNACHI staffers too.

Watch out for rather large pot holes.

I was thinking Thursday Nick

Email me fastreply@nachi.org for directions to the office.

Wayne is in the house!

very nice!

Yep made it there . great meeting everyone, Thank you for for all the goodies . A bust place indeed.

Nice shot.
Just came back from 8 days at Myrtle Beach but thinking Colorado soon.

Wayne did you see anything unusual to prove Nick is not from this planet ?

What secrets can you reveal ?

We’re finishing off the week at our condo on Marco Island riding out Tropical Storm Erica.:p:p

Nope just a lot of Hard working people

Stay safe