Going out of business .

I often wonder why some active home inspectors when retiring just seem to close their doors.
I many cases these companies could be an instant start for a new inspector .
Name recognition and a mailing list .
All previous advertising is not lost.

Going out with the retiring inspector could help the newer inspector to learn other ideas and a person they could ask for information .
We sold our company to an active inspector .
This has worked out extremely well for all involved .

I agree.
We’re selling our thriving business to our inspectors when I retire next year.

Good for you I do hope retirement treats you as well as it has Char and I .

So what Roy:

I sold my company as well but I don’t have the need to brag about it!


That’s your choice to keep it Quiet ,

I try to help all by posting ideas and information . works for me

[FONT=Calibri] Many have talked to me and appreciate my help and being able to sell their business .[/FONT]

Thus is the way of the Narcissist! Always trying to take up space in a universe which he is irrelevant in.

Good quote from Frost

Hello to you.
I argued with one abt the best places to obtain material for adjuster exam preparation. They say the library but i say online. Please let me know.



Try here this might help you get the info you want .


Thanks Roy and good advice .
Some may not appreciate it, but again who cares . No harm in getting information from a retired Home Inspector . In some cases it more important active ones .