Going rate for professional witness?

Just curious as to what the going rate is for professional witnessing. I have 2 lawyers interested in me, not sure how to charge.

I was thinking a minimum of one hour no matter what, but not sure what the hourly rate normally is.

Also thinking of a daily minimum for court day. I have done some witnessing in the past, and I don’t want to schedule any inspections on that day because you never known how long you’re going to be there. I went to mediation once and was there for hours.

I know there are those that say we can’t discuss prices, I’m NOT necessarily asking what you charge, just what the market rate generally is for an inspector with 30+ years experience. If you would like to discuss how you bill, I would appreciate it as long as it’s not against the rules.

Thank you.

I charge a minimum of $900 per day, paid in advance, non-refundable.

That’s pretty much in line with what I was going to charge daily.

What is the hourly charge for things like looking over documents, maybe a 1 hour site visit, phone calls, etc. I planned on getting an hourly rate, and charging a minimum of 1 hour even if it’s just answering the phone.

Also - I was thinking a retainer of around $1,500???

I charged $2k to show up and the lawyer called me back and said I was making him look bad…

You don’t charge by the hour for this. They are buying your opinion, not your time…
And you can never predict where your opinion takes you. It takes hours, and sometimes years to prep for court.