Going the extra miles

I would say once a month I will have a client needing an inspection outside my general service area. Yesterday was one of these times.

I enjoy the new scenery. This was in a place called Newton Falls about 60 miles east of my residence. The zip for this area is 44444.

I had the best pizza at a local convenient stop. The house was basically better than around here and I actually completed the report a lot sooner than I usually do.

I have now inspected in 12 counties. (Cuyahoga, Medina, Lake, Lorain, Summit, Portage, Geauga, Wayne, Stark, Erie, Huron and now Trumbull)

I did one in Sandusky yesterday morning, which is about 2 hrs. away. Had an awesome view of Cedar Point. Unfortunately, “the boss” said that amusement park fun doesn’t constitute a legit expenditure for the business account.:neutral:

Doesn’t she know that all work and no play makes Josh a dull boy? :wink:

Nice, I am not a roller coaster enthusiast but Cedar Point has some of the best in the world!!

Im heading there tomorrow :slight_smile:

Supposed to be a balmy 52 degrees, have fun and hold on to your cookies!!

I like their French fry ride the best…

Otherwise known as the “Teacups”? :wink:

Last I heard they had 7 of the top ten in the world.

Have not been there since CAMP PERRY days! 1967. National Rifle Matches, USMC. Nice town

no not really they sell the best fries on the planet with pepper and vinegar…my favorite ride in the park hands down…

Cedar Point is the Roller Coaster capital of the world. I used to go once a year until I turned 18 and moved out of state.

Last time I went, 2001, the crowds were ridiculous and I remember waiting in line for a coaster ride for 3 hours.

They can keep the title and the crowds and I’ll stick to Kings Island where average wait times for coasters are 45 minutes give or take and instead of a great lake as a view, I’ll have to settle for the hills of SW Ohio.

Los Angeles County is 4,751 square miles. If I didn’t live on the edge of the county, I’d never have to inspect outside this one county.

Heck, as it is, I don’t even service all of Los Angeles County. :slight_smile:

For the most part I’m in Baltimore metro, but there are beautiful areas out in the counties I love driving through. Once in a blue moon I’ll cross the bay bridge to the eastern shore which I love doing, I’ll try and do a morning inspection and then waterfront lunch on the Chesapeake. Now that’s a nice day!:slight_smile:

Cedar Point’s newest coaster Valravn for 2016.

Turn the video to 1080p and full screen.

I’m fortunate to live in a state where there are NO areas that ARE NOT gorgeous.

Autumn is most beautiful, hands down

I see The Blue Streak in the background, my first roller coaster, lot’s of good memories there.

Still not sure if the Valravn has got the Bansheebeat, I’ll have to ride it someday to see. :smiley:

County lines for me are a meer, Oh Look, I’m in another one… LOL! I go to about 16 counties… there’s just not any inspectors out here, but it’s a good mile or so between houses, so although it seems like a large territory, it’s not all that lucrative just yet. Of course, I just started not quite a year ago, so maybe I’ll shrink as I get booked more and more…

Last time I went to Kings Island it was little kids day (like 6 and under) so all of the little kid rides were packed and all the good coasters were empty. Get off walk back around to the start and wait for the next coaster to arrive. Had a blast that day. Nothing beats aerobatics in a small plane though. :lol:

I will go ANYWHERE for the right price :slight_smile: