Going through withdrawal

Had not found a leaking shower pan in about two months and was starting to think I had them all found;-) having withdrawal pains.

I have increased my business two fold by using the IR camera on shower stalls and electrical panels

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Nice catch.

Have you increased your rate since using the camera? Serious question and not trying to pry but I am thinking about this service. Not so much an attempt to increase the number of inspections I provide but to increase my rate.

Just curious but how do you know you are not just calling out a wet carpet?
It would get wet and hold moisture from plain old normal use.
Yikes ,carpet in a bathroom is so dumb by the way.

It don’t look that way when it is just a wet carpet.

Can you see the evaporative effect and where it comes from?

Yes Vince I have increased my price by $100.00 per inspection since I started IR. I am not bragging but I have clients seek me out because of my IR. I was the first in Oklahoma to incorporate IR into a inspection and I have perfected on my own a way of inspecting shower pans and electric panels and it has paid me a premium in the amount I charge and the amount of inspections I do.

Bob Very easy If one has had IR training at all. But in this case it was super easy because the house had been vacant for months. As for carpet in the bathroom being dumb you would have to speak to the owner about that I just inspect them. As for inspecting shower pans I much prefer ceramics it blows the clients mind when I find water below the ceramics then I get to inspect all of the clients friends and all of the relatives that is how it works Bob.

Very nice Charley. Do you inspect only the shower stalls and electric panels for the extra fee? Do you check around windows, doors, roofs, exterior walls, finished basement walls. Do you look and report on areas of heat loss also? Also, where did you receive your training?

John I have specific items I check for my Standard elevated price electric panels, shower stalls, ceilings below a second story bathroom and ceilings around a chimney flashing anything else that a client may want in the way of IR the price goes up again.

I received my IR training from FLIR ITC and I am a big believer in the proper training not only in IR but any field

Charley is smart when it comes to IR and checked the area before any water was introduced, pan tested and pix were taken.
Basic inspection protocol I’d imagine…

How I inspect a shower with out a camera is with a moisture meter. The moisture will increase after the shower runs for a while. About any shower over 10 years old leaks some.

It can be tricky as the floor gets wet at the sides just from going through those rubber gaskets at the bottom of the shower doors.

I don’t agree with that statement must have very poor contractors in your area. The ones I find here are from the 70’s and early 80’s the one in my pic was 1978 and appear in good condition from the interior, grout in the tile gave no visual appearance of being bad

That is why one must pay attention and control the test I turn the shower head so it does not even spray toward the door and I don’t open the door after I start the test until after I take my images as water might drip from the bottom of the door gasket

OK ,there ya go.
Like to hear more specifics ,always.

There ya Go I like people that ask questions:D:D

Way to go Charlie. The busier you get, just add more to the price. Due to the recent rains in NJ, I now have three moisture scans for Friday. Oddly, two of the three are after the plumbers cut holes in the walls and “fixed” the issues.

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