Going to be discussing video more in the future

I suspect you have not been reading my posts lately.
The report will be normal format with one exception.

Instead of 80 pages of pictures and text explaining serviceable-serviceable-serviceable-serviceable-serviceable with pictures of inanimate objects only issues will have pictures with Fact-opinion-guidance and Agents will love that the entire report is a quick summary allowing them and Lawyers to get to the meat of negotiation rather than sift through serviceable-serviceable-serviceable.ZZZZzzzZZzzzZZZzzZz.

The bright clients who love detail like those purchasing $1,000,000 property love details and can take my one minute Roof,Interior,Bathroom,Kitchen tours.

Even the old checklist guys should see the value in a shorter text report that actually has more detail than a 100 page typed report.

I is simple really and if you are confused feel free to call me and I will explain.Been working on this format every day the last few weeks .

It needs to be done the right way just like everything else.We are not talking your average guy coughing and talking slow like one of those marketing videos . boring ]

P.S One of my big investment clients that purchases multi unit rental buildings begged me to come up with a way to do this and I was motivated to reinvent video in reports.

Nick you do not have to like it …Lets see how it ends up and if other H.I’s like what I am attempting here.

Were any of these issues also described in written format? Or only with video?

Read my posts Chris . see post 21.

So I take this as a yes to first part of my question??

Wrong quote Chris.

only issues will have pictures with Fact-opinion-guidance and Agents will love that the entire report is a quick summary allowing them and Lawyers to get to the meat of negotiation rather than sift through serviceable-serviceable-serviceable.ZZZZzzzZZzzzZZZzzZz.

I will be of course most likely be adding certain facts in text to cover my bases but will stop showing photos.

To be honest it might seem like more than many but compared to my present and 10 years system is a big change.
The system is not perfected and nothing gets changed or improved without experimentation.One thing I know is when we get satisfied we are done growing.

Stay tuned.

My goal is not to circumvent but to enhance however here is an excerpt from outr SOP in Illinois…

The home inspectors shall observe readily visible and accessible installed systems and components listed as part of a home inspection, unless the system or component is limited and/or excluded under the signed written agreement with the client.

So basically nothing prohibits anything really if you have a solid agreement.
My end product will determine if any alteration is needed.

I’ve also heard inspectors say they’re opposed to photos in reports.

I’ve had inspectors tell me they’re opposed to thermal cameras.

I’ve heard inspectors tell me they’re opposed to using modern software.

I’ve had inspectors tell me they’re opposed to entering an attic.

So, it’s no surprise some are also opposed to video.

Someone’s always opposed to progress.

The reason I ask is in regard to what Nick mentioned earlier. Most clients and agents “literally flip through inspection reports looking for important issues”. If these are only in video they will have to take notes as they view them.

The entire report is video and issues are in normal format with pictures .

Picture a page with a
video on top
issues below with F.O.G and pictures
Summary all text ] below that.

Get it ?

The compromise is between summary and video may add other important material information that I feel needs to be emphasized. limitations on access ] monitoring ],etc which is why I call it experimentation till the entire process is perfected or if it can be ] but I am trying.

Sorry if my thinking is different from others but all of us do think different however to me the whole key to a good report no matter what style is consistency.

All Inspectors if they stay in business pretty much see and say the same thing in different ways.

Keep on trucking Bob I for one am following your insights and information. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

Screen shot of today’s files .

I watched 7 minutes of video on the back of my phone and simply clicked screen shots as it ran.

Interesting is that it made my mind fresher in remembering materials and issues than normal for typing the report.

I took more screen shots than I plan on in the future till the jitters of a new system go away.The number of one minute videos looks large because 3 of them are common area .

Common area inspection 100% video] no text needed .

Think it wall take-off like the android camera?

I am using a LGV10 Android for entire inspection.Pictures from screenshots are good as a quality point and shoot and I take 3 second videos making them short and to the point.

Here is a screen shot off me testing the kitchen spray note I caught water mid stream…try that with a regular camera. today’s inspection ]

Was/is that typicality included in your reports?

No but it is in the video . 3 second segments of what I am checking and a review taking screen shots of issues.Just showing an example of screen shot quality.The two below will be.[ATTACH]


I might not have explained myself well. I’m not opposed to video in your report because I think it isn’t a better method of describing an issue. I’ve produced thousands of videos. Videos are a great way to describe something or to show what is going on.

I’m opposed to video in inspection reports because it makes no business sense. I’m admittedly taking a wild guess, but I believe 1 in 25 of your customers will think it is awesome. But you already have that client’s money. This isn’t an up-sell service that you charge additionally for. And yes, maybe that 1 in 25 of your customers will refer you to other potential customers because you used video. But 24 in 25 will not like it IMHO. And other professions tied to ours (lawyers, contractors, real estate agents) will not like it IMHO. Especially agents who are easily frustrated with anything that takes up their time. They gamble with their time. Time is money to them.

So I would play the odds.

But don’t trust my wild guess. Tomorrow morning, go visit some real estate agents and tell them what you are considering. Listen to what they say about having videos inside inspection reports. Then tally up the comments and play the odds.

There are all kinds of technologies that come out, but that aren’t useful. So new doesn’t mean good. A few years ago a service came out where homeowners could take a PIC of something wrong with their house (a plumbing leak under their sink or whatever) and send it to this company that would tell them what’s wrong (you have a plumbing leak under your sink or whatever). Cool idea. No one uses it. When a consumer finds a leak they are either competent enough to fix it (and so don’t send PICs of it around) or they call someone who can fix it.

I shaved 25% off my report by using video for non issues tonight.
There goes your rant.

Since you have no idea exactly what I have in mind you are shooting at a target you can not see.

My response is positive so far.

How many Agents did you say you brought my report to ?
Oh that’s right you did not because you can’t and I am sure you never have .

TY for your opinion ,I will simply only do it your way from now on right ? Just like you always do exactly what others do as well because we are followers . :slight_smile:

Who knows it may work or it may not but one thing I do know is people who are creative or doing something different always get put down by the establishment.

Sound familiar ?

ha ha love your made up figures as dumb people will glance through and think you took surveys or something ]
Nice ):

Minor setback today… Sitting between the 3 story 2 flat and a Condo right now…
I did exterior video and interior walk through but after I took a call the cell froze. Stuck with camera 1st floor and then has to pull battery before climbing the roof for a last video section. Pia because it is cold and had to remove my fancy casing.

I sometimes do a “courtesy video” after completion. Clients like it.
Private YouTube link.
Just move thru the place pointing out a few things at my discretion for 3-5 minutes. I go thru all the rooms & closets.
Get the “picture”? I don’t wanna hear I missed that black mold on the wall when the video clearly shows heavy furniture/storage.
Bob’s seen 'em.

That’s a good way of using the technology.