Going to Indy (Poweruser)?

Anyone heading to Nate’s Poweruser conference in Indiana 27-28 Sept? My assistant and I will be there. Would enjoy meeting whoever is coming. Maybe we can get a dinner going after the Saturday show.

You are funny!

I’ll be there Billy.

Ill come down for the dinner if you put something together. Its an hour drive for me. Keep me posted.

Why does anyone waste their time and money to listen to him selling his junk???

Careful what you say about other associations as this forum is now moderated and you might lose membership Linas.

You may join Mike.

I’ve been through that before but one of my employees posted bad things about other members. Dingleberry had me tossed under the bus.
I finally got that cleared up and was exonerated.

Yipper I heard thru the grape vine that Bushy and his sheep had a front row seat:twisted:

I went last year…don’t think I will be going this year.

Just booked flight and room today. See you there.

Save your money for Vegas.

You should come Bob. I’ll show you a few things ;). If you guys are coming email me directly at office@stlhomeinspector.com and let me know if you guys want to get together for a inspection chat session/dinner and I’ll try to find a place. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Robert I’ll let you know the place and time. Look forward to seeing you.

Reece and Troy you guys down for joining us Sat night?

You can go to the event, and enjoy yourself, and come away with some marketing and sales tips… without thinking that if your ears hear a pitch, your hands aren’t going to be able to control themselves and you are going to open your wallet and buy every product/service promoted at the event.

Poor people say crazy stuff like that all the time: “Oh, I can’t go to the mall 'cause I’ll end up buying stuff I don’t need.”

Go. Enjoy yourself. You’ll profit from just being around successful people for a day or two.

Yeppers, count me in.

I’ll be there.

At the dinner I’m setting up? Good to see you again.

I don’t know if I’ll make the dinner but I’ll be at the conference.

I’ll be there. Won the ticket at the beginning of the year. Look forward to meeting you all. My wife and I probably won’t make the dinner, she’s got several restaurants she wants to try over the weekend.