Going to Orlando

Brothers - I will be attending the Orlando meeting in representation of YOU. I would like to know things you want me to bring up and idea in future agendas.

I am going to ask for past minutes( If they have any)

I am going to ask what they have as a direction (if they have any)

I am going to ask why these cannot be public for all to attend. I want 100% transparency and for you to know your opinion counts!

I am also going to ask about the board being owned by the Lobbyist and if that can be changed. That seems backwards to me. How the employee owns the board is kinda crazy.

After the meeting you may be looking for a new representative :roll:. I just know what has been in the past does not work and doing it over and over does not seem to help matters.

Let me know the ideas and I will then make a poll for the week.

Tonight I am going to Michigan to get another Bus for work. I will then be driving it home to SW Florida. 22 hours…BLAH…I really didn’t think that one through.

I will be stopping in Knoxville to meet with Sean and his better half Wayne for dinner. I wanna see Wayne eat sushi!

Give me ideas…I need them to properly represent YOU the best way possible.

Find out who is going to be the enforcement agency for the bad inspectors that need to be turned in for fraud, because there are those that have the attitude of “just sit back and wait” while more consumers get screwed by these scumbags.

What dress would you like Wayne to wear???
Something short i am guessing?

I be wearing that little black number Sean loves to see . Now who thought raw fish

I am going to ask why these cannot be public for all to attend. I want 100% transparency and for you to know your opinion counts!**

I applaud your conviction.

I wish you the best.

another Inspection Bus! Ya gotta love this guy. A flippin bus!

It was great meeting you Russell, But you forgot something , Fogarty is still here lol

There should be no reason why anyone can not attend the council meeting. We did not organize it but if you want to attend contact Russ. When he has a count we will try to make sure that the room is big enough. This does not mean that everyone will get to talk. It does mean that there will be transparency. The notion that the meetings were not open comes from FlNachi telling FLHII they were not welcome.

Which one of you is doing the “morning walk of shame”?:shock:

When is this meeting?

Next Saturday after the Fabi meeting.

I will be going up. I have no idea how these work, I think both John and I are attending. Preston has a previous commitment and John is filling in for him.

I read the best statement about transparency and it is very applicable

“sunlight is the best disinfectant”

Meaning everything in the wide open leads to no corruption and shenanigans…I just like that word…

I’ll be in Orlando Fri and Sat (at the Wyndam Fri.) let me know time and place please. I’d like to attend.

It is a closed meeting from what I am told. Apaprently the guy organizing it, this is his first as well. I was told it was a closed door meeting. I am guessing that things will be discussed that the entire public does not need to know, they don’t want people to know our hand before it is played. I can understand that to a point but if this is the case I will be available IMMEDIATELY after the meeting to discuss what is going on with all members that want to know.

I will fill you in on what is happening and what happened in the meeting. This is not my idea of a closed meeting but for the first one maybe its to get organized, I really dont know. I do know that what I know, you will know and I will be asking for a ton of guideance because it is YOU I represent not me and my personal feeling or goals. The majority speaks.

Russ, how many said they want to go?

I have a new way for the council and those that want to follow it to communicate. Not just for Nachi guys, I will announce it at the meeting. I guarantee to solve the communication issues, once an for all. You heard it here first!

I wanna hear it second!

You know already :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on John, spill it

At the meeting