Going to retire

From this business if gas prices get to $8.00 a gallon I will then have a large enough nest egg to retire with out buying the yellow gold I prefer black gold OIL just leased my land out for drilling purposes sure hope they strike oil and the price of oil per barrel goes to $150.00;-);-):smiley:

Nah the sudden glut of oil from your rich strike will cause price per barrel to drop back down to under $50.:twisted:

You so funny I knew I would get a rise out of you city boys:):slight_smile:

Maybe the thing right now, however natural gas is looking like it will have a bigger bang in the years to come…you watch!

I have been preaching from the stump for years spouting that same verbiage. There should be constructed a infrastructure coast to coast and north to south along all interstates a natural gas pipeline and filling stations for all Semi’s and require all trucks to consume natural gas and get rid of all the oil burners home heating on the east coast we have enough natural gas right here at home to last beyond the next 100 years if the dummies would just start using it.

The oil companies have been leasing land around me like crazy there was a well drilled 6 miles from my home that started out producing 358 barrels of oil per day with natural gas started a mini oil boom

Drill Baby drill!!! hope it works out for you.