Going to the Vegas Convention this year? Free offer from Kevin O'Malley.

I’m sitting next to Michelle :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta start checking Hotels.
Where are the good spots ?
Stayed at the ash tray called the imperial facing a wall last time.

No way I am taking the same airline either.
Got stuck at the airport all darn night because of …oh never mind just not taking Spirit anymore.

Bob you can stay where the conference is for $55 a night in a very nice room. That’s pretty cheap to me.

All booked. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

It was good talking to you tonight Billy.

Hmmm which Hotel this year as it was the Flamingo last time I went ?

It’s at the Flamingo Bob… the Imperial Palace is gone, you’ll need to find another place to stay :smiley:

As far as the meeting… count me in, Bob’s buying drinks this time. Ed coming?

It’s the Flamingo. I thought I saw that Linas is coming. You guys could split the room :wink:

I did not buy you enough last time?
Not that I remember.

He may have mentioned something about oiling your head so he’s all yours.

Oh need to talk to Ed.
He was out of town a while.

Looking forward to seeing most of you. :p:D

You guys need to twist Ed B’s arm if you want him.
Come on Ed say “OK” and I will let go.

He is still deciding and he has red marks.

I suggest the Rio…Condo…great rooms, affordable prices.

Seem to win at the card tables too…!

Was that “Ed” you had with you last time?


OK will look into Rio Dale.
Yes that was Ed am pretty sure.

Looks like he is coming.
Hope to meet you there as well Mr Dapper. :slight_smile:

Hoping biz stays good till then though it feels like nothing but condos this last 10 days …maybe because it is .

School time it usually slows the housing sales a tiny bit so not complaining.

The Flamingo redid all their rooms a while back and at $55 a night to stay at the host hotel is pretty good. See you all there, that is where I am staying. When you’re at a conference it’s always MUCH easier to just walk downstairs in the morning to attend rather than trekking across Vegas.

You can book right on http://www.inspectionconference.com/2013-Las-Vegas-Inspection-Training/Inspection-Education/Hotel.php to get the room rate.

Finally got around to checking the schedule.
Seems like a lopsided schedule with all the actual learning (systems) classes pretty much the last two days and all the vendors the first few days.

They should have mixed this better in my opinion.

Am I seeing this right ?

What days are most guys going ?

You’re reading it wrong!!! They are trying to do a single track for most of this year. Something new which should be a lot more fun. The first day is all teaching you marketing, how is that not learning? The second day is 8 hours of watching and interacting with a live inspection, infrared, moisture, environmental, etc. How is that not learning? The third day is where you get to go to sessions on report writing, ISN, IR, etc. Not sure what’s not learning there! I know that at the last few conferences the HIP reporting sessions were standing room only!


Hi Dom
Actually a few of the guys mentioned it to me and I did not pay attention till opening the site and it jumped out at me.

The marketing is usually more about guys trying to sell us something.

The live stuff is either going to be good or suck depending on just how good a live feed can actually be which most of us know can be pretty dicey and full of technical problems or fumbling then mumbling.

Most certainly the report writing can be interesting however noticed the classes are pretty much 3D,HomeGauge and HIP of course giving their own classes all at the exact same time thus making comparison by inspectors not possible.

Does this mean the report writing classes are actually how to use the software classes or actual report writing independent of system being used ?

The last two days are the actual nuts and bolts CE classes so which days will be more popular ?

To be fair I am asking the actual attendees here when they are going and why.

After looking at it, I am debating even going…Doesn’t seem like a lot of meat and potato’s. Just some carb filler. I agree with what you said in the pervious post Bob. I bet when they do the live feed it will be picked apart.

Seems more like a novice portion. Maybe I am wrong…

But I agree I am finding it hard to go…