Going to the Vegas Convention this year? Free offer from Kevin O'Malley.

I just read one of the (instructors) a guy who is going to teach me marketing will do a 7000 SF inspection and termite for $555…and he is teaching US marketing?

To be honest it is more about meeting guys like you,Poker,Bowling,and hopefully trading ideas.
Your the rich guy so maybe I should stay home as well if guys like you find zero value.:frowning:

Plus what if Linus shows up…now that would be worth it alone…lol :slight_smile:

Hmmm lst time I went Nick gave a fantastic class but he is not scheduled this year.

It is all about the value…I just don’t see it. Maybe its there, maybe its not. Lets see what the others say. That was my idea for the regional marketing meetings. The chatting and exchanging of ideas is what brings value, not listening to a guy teach me how to market something, when he makes about 1/3 of what I would charge. Its like trying to sell a gold bar for $100…really needs no marketing.

Nick, Who?

I’ll be there Sunday - Thursday

Well at least I see some value now…:slight_smile:

The tech sessions are being taught twice so you can compare. It’s up to the vendor on what they are doing. I’m going to be doing a beginning and advanced HIP techniques class and going over tips and tricks and how to finish inspections on site.

I’m in charge of all the video/tech for the live feed inspection day so it better go off great! Bob and Mark from WayPoint are AWESOME and funny guys and doing the core of the day.

Sounds good.
Thanks Troy.
Not sure I want to stay all 5 as that feels long for Vegas so am curious how many are staying for the 5 and how many are doing 2-3.
Want to make res this week.

Dom ,can’t the get someone who knows technical stuff ? :twisted::p:mrgreen:

I’ll see everyone out there. I paid for four days, but they e-mailed me afterwards and gave me the 5th day for free.

Of course, just not anyone as good as me :slight_smile: It’s okay, I have 3 of my guys there as well working the booth that day :mrgreen:

I will be there Saturday thru Tues or Wednesday.

Look forward to meeting you John.
Off to my evening job to pay for this stuff…:slight_smile:

Evening job?

Russ, if you go, I will pay your $555.00 to hear you talk in the hallway.


“Going multi-inspector, the team approach” By Russ Hensel

“How to start, where to start and how to grow”

and as an added bonus, if you show up late at the bar
Marketing for the $999.00(not 199.00) inspector?

Look forward to meeting everyone… and Russ John is right I would fly down just to hear you speak as well. :wink: Come on man it would be great seeing you.

You would pay me that same amount to shut the hell up…:slight_smile:

Yeah doing all 6pm inspections this week so posting late.:slight_smile:
I am not the only one as I just ran into another Inspector who asked if I was getting lots of night inspections lately as he is as well.
Must be a Labor day thing.

I will be there Saturday night to Tuesday morning…John your like an inspection brother to me, I will only Charge $554.50 for you, because I love ya.