Going to the Vegas Convention this year? Free offer from Kevin O'Malley.

Just booked Sunday -Wednesday

Only a few rooms left.

How many others are coming in on Sunday? That may a good night to get together for dinner.

Yep because we all are bowling, ,playing poker, etc otherwise,
I think there is a banquet Sunday but not sure.

It is still a steal!

If you would stop playing golf and write a book you could just do a book signing and forget the talk.

Saturday for me. I thought you were too

I am, just trying to get a good night for dinner for the InterNACHI MB users.

Don’t worry you still have a room to sleep in Saturday night :slight_smile:

insert snarky joke from Linus

I’m coming in Friday!

Saturday Night for dinner

Not many will be in yet including me.
Like the Sunday idea as the best suggested time.
Should we meet at the Flamingo or that Binions place John?

I am sure Nick can have a suite ready for his members Sunday night…snacks, alcohol…

I will be there late Saturday night to tuesday

I want to go to a show…the naughty hypnotist is super funny and I was jut looking at recycled percussion…

Go night zip lining in the mountains. Lol
Must be lots to do there.
I plan on hitting Fremont at some point.

What’s at the Fremont?

Fremont street.
The old strip l
They have music stages and actually do have a zip line.
Want to ride a roller coaster at New York New York, go to top of that giant spire, see the American Pawn shop, etc.
Life is short.


Heck anyone even thinking of going should just do it and stop procrastinating.
There is always next year is a can of bull.
You may be sick or have financial difficulties and die having not experienced meeting the guys you yap at here every day.
Get out into the real world and supplement your virtual reality.

We all come here to learn, but meeting top notch inspectors in person is the best way to improve your business so that it can rub off.
You become who you associate with.

Oh yeah…there are classes or something as well.:slight_smile:


You only live once. For those at the Flamingo, we could meet there everyone else can meet at Binions(Fremont St)!

Send me a private message with your cell and I will add you to a text message group. We will need to know how may will be going.