Gold Heading to $1000 an Ounce

Get out while you can!!
US probes gold pricing

I own a gold mine. If you understood how much work it takes to find an ounce of gold, you’d understand why it simply can’t ever drop to $1K/ounce. Any stock or fund can go to zero… and often has. Gold has never been worth nothing.

But it can become not worth the recovery costs.

Correct. And every day, gold gets harder (and more expensive) to find. That’s what I like about it.

You should try panning for gold, it’s a lot easier. Plus you can bring a cooler and food, get some sun, enjoy the great outdoors.:stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the best way to cut a wedding ring off?{keyword}&gclid=COiasNrW_LUCFYdT4AodYxwAjg

I pan to not find it. I pan up a creek until I no longer find color. Then I know where the feeder vein is. Panning is for prospecting, not mining.

I don’t want to cut her finger off:mrgreen:

General Millshas been a good investment, up 16.75% since the beginning of the year. Where else can you get that kind of return? This is a good timeto invest in the stock market. Gold isn’t doing good.

The stock market will do well too. Printing causes everything (PMs, stocks, real estate, intellectual property, heavy equipment, bread, milk, etc) to go up in number of fiat dollars. It also causes the purchasing power of those dollars to go down.

Gold just has many additional benefits over and above the rest of that list I mentioned.