Gold level customer service

I want to thank Ben Gromicko for answering a couple of questions that I had concerning certain equipment used during his inspections. My questions were concerning ladders and the camera that he used during his inspections. To my surprise, he went way above and beyond the call of duty when answering them. In the e-mail that he sent in reply, he took the time to reference every single ladder he used and supplied links with helpful info on every single one. He also supplied a link to the “famous 350 photo per inspection” digital camera he uses in his inspections. He did all of this in a very short (same day) period of time. He took valuable time out of his day just so I (an unknown person to him), would have an idea of what a reliable and inexpensive product looks like and the approximate cost. My hat is off to Ben and his organization for their commitment to providing GOLD LEVEL customer service. They really do care about their members and now I know that their dedication to the industry they represent is genuine and continuous.