Gold Rush Alaska tonight!

Better than NACHI.TV… almost.

It’s a close second…

Yeah its pretty awesome! But Nachi tv takes the cake!!!

I thought it was funny when Todd took his Dads bucket first.

Idiots. We are going broke. Our equipment is starting to freeze. We haven’t found diddly squat of gold. We only have a short time left so…

let’s go fishing.


They were trying to catch dinner But your right one guy could have done that and beside they should have had the women and children doing that plus gardening to save on the food bill while they we all there vacationing.

They remind me of a bunch of home inspectors.

They have said a few things that I can’t argue with.

1.) There is not a man who wouldn’t want to be here with us.

2.) Bottom line, none of us know what we are doing.

and 3.) We are chasing a fairy tale.

If they break even or make a profit at this point I would 100% convinced the show was rigged.

How can you rig finding gold underground?

Nick, it’s TV, it is very rig-able.:slight_smile:

After 4 months all they have found is $3500.00. IF All of a sudden in the last show they find the glory hole. Yea OK, its rigged. The man across the river stated already that the actual claim owner was full of crap and not to listen to him.