Gold Rush or American Gun. Which show do you prefer?

Gold Rush or American Gun?

Best visual - American Gun

Best comic relief - Gold Rush. If these idiots actually hit paydirt, I’m leaving FL for Alaska. I personally think the old man was about one day away from death at the bottom of his “glory hole”.

Gold Rush is too painful to watch. If this were a military op someone, usually an enlisted man would be saying this was a SNAFU laced cluster… and the lead guy is the pivot point.

What the heck are you talking about?

I hope the Hoffmans find gold. Maybe Todd could afford to trim his beard then.

Now I remember why we opted not to have cable…


Real Housewives of 90210. That’s my vote.

I can only shake my head at Gold Rush. Good for comic relief.

The Hoffman family is nuts and unfortunately they have talked others into believing their “pie in the sky” and they will go broke as well. Todd is an idiot.

After grabbing the claim out from under the Hoffmans, Frank is getting what comes to him back home with the floods. Karma is a b1tch.

I hope the new kid makes a go of it.

You never see a scene where Todd is actually working… maybe because he never does any work.

He sure knows a lot about nothing. His intuition is “golden”. :roll:

I frickin’ guarantee it. LOL

Nick, I think you need to get these guys on your claim. The entertainment value alone is worth the price of admission…

I have 13 great claims, but only one miner.

Well let em work the one with the least chance for gold. I am sure that Todd will have a feeling on where it is. :roll: :mrgreen:

No more gut feelings, they are modernised now with pre drilling…LOL:roll:


Here’s a similar show that’s fun to watch. True “Rednecks” with multiple engineering degrees.

Rocket City Rednecks

That’s not true, he operated the escalator allot in the first season.