From an investment newsletter:

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Dear Reader,
Yesterday, we put the last nail in the lid of the dollar’s coffin.
It took five minutes, the ink from a pen, and a few snide words from Helicopter Ben.
And just like that, the world’s primary reserve currency marched to the gallows.
Conservative estimates claim this latest printing session will cost our dollar at least another 20%.
That’s right. 20%.
The move will soon have a nation in a panic, as the price of everything, from groceries to gas, skyrockets with inflation.
But to a smart investor, it’s also guaranteed to send gold prices into the stratosphere. Physical gold as well as gold ETF holders are already salivating and loading up as much as they can.
And while they’ll make some pretty solid gains over the coming years, the truth is, you could make more… a lot more.