gomers AC repair

Well golllee, will jst put a new motor on it and it l be alright:D

This kind of thing just burns me up after 15 years in the biz some people just don’t deserve a job
I forgot a pic, heres the filter

I could not understand what you were mad about until… I saw the LAST picture!:shock:

Until then I thought that this was a “junked” unit that was being ripped out!

Man O Man… Talk about a :|.)“Handyman” :|.) installation!](*,)

Now don’t get me started!:twisted:

I am sorry… Bruce and I did not mean to put down your repair!:smiley:
{Tee, Hee, Hee :D:p:mrgreen:… ;-)}

First thing out of my truck: coil cleaner chemicals and a hose.

Last thing ot of 99% of HVAC tech’s truck: Hose and coil chemicals…:eek:

David, all too true

Its called job security. He knows that he will get another call this summer when it doesn’t get cold inside. Unfortunately our problems are never going to go away until we stop operating like this contractor.

Not very good security.

I aways told my guys; The first call the customer pays for, the next call we pay for!
“Do it right the first time out”.

That blocked coil and filter may damage that new motor.
We get a free motor under warranty in most cases, but the service call is on “US”.

No job security for anyone working under me for this.
You have more than one of these and your out the door…

Woo Hoo I think We should call a Handyman to fix the problem. He is the only one trained to fix this type of installation… HAHAHAHAHAHAH

If only everyone could have that attitude. Then America wouldn’t be in the shape that it is in.