GOOD and Reasonable WEBSITE Builder NEEDED.

Hello everybody,
I just need to update my website. Anyone can recommend a good and reasonable builder? I would like to be able to edit it myself. I found InspectorSites and A La Mode, and heard of GrassFrog. Anyone used them?
Are anyones better than others? Can I get some feedback about web builders? Do’s and Dont’s?
Thank You.
“Tommy” Decebal Adamescu

This is a easy… Home Inspector Pro. I am testing his new wesite builder now. I have used others and no one gets it right behind the scenes such as the meta tags and the keywords. You get to control the SEO. Visit Dominics site and give him a shout and he can tell you more. Search all his posts and his support speaks for itself.

Thanks Scott. Tommy, we’re just about to launch our services. Right now a bunch of NACHI guys are on board as our ‘beta’ testers and are enjoying the program. If you’d like I’ll set you up as a beta tester as well and give you a few months free of the service in exchange for your feedback. The site Scott is working on it .


Homestead site builder is a good one

Cool, Dominac I’d like to beta test your services

Hey Dominic I am in the same situation as Decebal, I want to revamp my site and have much more control with meta tags and the keywords. I would love to be a beta tester for you if possible.

Dominic is the go to man here, but in the mean time Tommy, just type your username and password into and the system will build you a website in under 8 seconds. The site is free, hosting is free. You should do this even if you eventually build a custom website, just for the internet shelf space and SEO benefit of having it. Costs nothing.

Hey Tommy,

Nick makes a good point get a inspectorpages site setup which is almost instantaneous then send me an email at or a private message so we can get you setup with a domain name.

Charles & Russel, that’s fine with me. My number of beta testers was supposed to be about 5 now is about 25, haha. Oh well, the more the merrier :slight_smile: This also means a lot more feedback which will make the system that much better. Send me an email or private message so I can get you guys started.


Roberta at rocks!

Thank you all for ideas. Anybody has some advice “Do and Dont do” when changing the website? I have a Google rank of 3 and don’t want to mess it up. I never made changes or used a site creator before. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi Decebal,

Look through the marketing forum here. I’ve written 10-12 articles for home inspectors and SEO (do’s and don’ts) related to their websites.


A, marketing forum. I’ll check it out.

Hi Nick,
That was the coolest thing. I Did It! You can see it here: .
I can’t believe it was so easy.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Dominic,
I think I would like to be a beta tester.
Thank you for the invite. Please call me to talk about it.
Thank you,


So does Mario

Thank you Will and Gary,
I will check it out (

Thank you
I’ll try it (Homestead).

Thank you very much.
I spoke with Dominic today. I’ll try it.

Hi Tommy,

It was nice talking to you today. I look forward to getting you all setup tomorrow :slight_smile:

Dominic :mrgreen:

Nice talking to you too.
Thank you for calling me.
But I may need a few days.