Good article on licensing

In Illinois, HIs are licensed by the state, but GCs and most trades are not.

GC licensing requires only proof of G/L insurance and a small fee.

Kinda back-a**word, if you ask me.

Also, I believe that the reason that many people get screwed by contractors and tradesmen is because they, themselves, fail to do their own due diligence.

Government seems to want to protect the people from their own stupidity, then institutes licensing, which usually has very low standards.

Go figure.

Good of course being a relative term.

Always, if one has no objective and clear standards. :mrgreen:

William, I sent your post along with the web link to all of the Kansas house of representitives on the Kansas commerce committee and several of my senators that I work with. They will soon be deciding on the new Kansas home inspection law corrections. Good timing. I hope that was OK with you.

Glad to be of help;