Good blog on Active Rain

I agree, it is an excellent blog. I have blogged on Active Rain several times concerning this matter, and actually have a reply posted to this blog. I wish that all realtors had the same attitude as these people have.

An impossibility!!!

The realtors responding to this blog must be part of what I call the “5 per centers” that really care about their clients interests as opposed to the other 95% (the used house salespeople) where the commission matters the most.

Due to my longer and more thorough inspections I don’t get many inspections through realtors directly.

For example, my Thursday inspection came from past clients…the young couple said I was recommended by 3 people in their larger office population.

The Friday inspection came as a referral from a realtor who has never given me any work. A friend of my client knew this realtor and asked him who he would refer… my name was the only name given. This realtor didn’t have a horse in the race so he could give the best info he knew! So who does his clients get referred to???

IMHO, that’s the nature of this business!!

Someone in Denver should go meet with the agent that has had no luck. Maybe she justs need some ‘good’ information.

Sellers, do not want to pay someone to tell them they need to fix their house.